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DIY (Do It Yourself) Consultation Package

Our design team will come to ​your home to discuss your project ideas and measure your space. We will create a full plan for ONE room that you yourself will follow through with. 

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Design House 413 Consultation

Come to our studio for a half hour long private consultation on your project. 

Design House 413 is a new local service offering one-stop, start-to-finish, floor-to-ceiling design, installation and project coordination of any size project for kitchens, homes, and businesses. Products and services include: cabinets, countertops, islands, cabinet hardware, interior design, color and spatial planning, custom window treatments, custom furniture, lighting design, flooring and appliances. Design House 413 offers a wide range of products made in the U.S.A. and materials available from local suppliers.  


Design House founder, Brenda Chicoine, believes that “the foundation lays in the design. From classic styles to the latest trends, from the tightest budget to the high-end materials, we can help you realize a vision for your home that is creative, beautiful, and functional.  We have ideas and options you’ve never seen in the big-box stores.”  


Brenda says budgeting goes hand-in-hand with the design process.  “Of course, it’s fun to design fantasy kitchens. We can do above and beyond what you’ll get at a chain store, absolutely! But it’s also possible, with a little creativity, to refresh a space with minimum expense. Don’t be afraid to come in and talk to us.”

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