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Mike ​Daigle

Lisa Stewart Byrne




Katie Girard

Amazing designs & prices!

When we decided to gut our home and start from scratch, we knew what we wanted the end design to look like. With the help of Brenda from Design House 413 - our dreams became reality! Brenda knew exactly where to source materials from and how to keep the project moving along. She is patient, resourceful and insightful. I really enjoyed working with her and wouldn't hesitate to do so again. Thanks Brenda!

Cannot say enough about Design House 413. Brenda is talented beyond belief and incredibly patient; she was an awesome partner to have, keeping us sane as we tore our home apart. The vague image I had in mind is being brought to life before my eyes. Would not let anyone else work on my home.

James Nallet

Kelli Thompson De Gobbi


Lisa Byrne

Brenda, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work and guidance in taking my house from an overwhelming project to the home it now is. The kitchen is absolutely amazing and the bathroom is literally has dropping.ply drag and drop elements.

My basement suffered an unfortunate flood and needed work to restore it to the functional space it once was for my family. Design House 413 worked with our ideas and budget and brought our basement back to life! It's insanely gorgeous. Working with this team has been absolutely wonderful - the communication, quality of work, friendliness, attention to detail and time management have all been on point. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Brenda at Design House 413 helped us renovate our lake house. She was amazing at sourcing materials and helping us make choices and decisions throughout the house. Most recently, we called to replace some automatic shades she installed a few years ago because they weren’t working. Brenda went to bat for us to have them replaced for free! Ultimately they were fixed for free but we were so thrilled with how she took care of it. Excellent customer service and integrity!!


Laura Griswold Deforge 

Conery Morse 


Robert Smith

I will be using Design House 413 very soon for our kitchen remodel. Brenda has a genuine interest in what is going on in her client's lives. She is ethical in her business practice and truly cares about each projects success. Not only does she have talent and incredible taste, she is a joy to meet with. Brenda and Corbin's excitement for what they do is contagious. To me, they are the Chip and Joanna Gaines of Western MA! (But far more affordable). They care about their community and I see great things coming from Design House 413!



There is no other place to go for your kitchen. I am a manager in a appliance store and anyone looking to redue their kitchen I send them to see Brenda who is great to work with and will go the extra mile for her customers. A++++++++

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

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